Steering group

P1060876The Blofield parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is set up to prepare a plan for the parish, on behalf of Blofield Parish Council.  

The scope of the Neighbourhood Plan involved setting a vision and objectives, writing planning policies and developing an implementation plan, validated by an evidence base that includes the results of community engagement.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group members:

  • Trish Brocklebank – Individual and Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • Rob Christie – Chair of Blofield Parish Council and Vice-chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • Pat Wilson – Blofield Parish Council and Blofield, Brundall and District Pensioners’ Association
  • Yvonne Burton – Blofield Parish Council
  • Steve Briggs – Individual
  • Amy Smith – Individual and Blofield Playgroup
  • Graham Cooper – Individual
  • Miles Green – Individual
  • George Pickersgill – Individual
  • Jane Parry – Blofield Tennis Club
  • Paul Culley-Barber – Blofield Parish Council and Parent Governor at Blofield Primary School
  • Rachel Leggett – independent consultant for the Neighbourhood Plan

Steering group documents

Blofield Parish Council have submitted an an ‘area application’ to Broadland District Council to designate the parish as a Neighbourhood Area (as required by Regulation 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning [General] Regulation 2012).

Steering group supporting documents

Agendas for steering group meetings

Minutes of steering group meetings

Written updates on the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish Council

Further background information


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