Vision, Aims & Objectives

Round Blofield picturesThe Vision, Aims and Objectives of the Blofield parish Neighbourhood Plan are set out below, follow extensive community consultation and engagement.

Vision: 2036

Quote from a Blofield Sea Scout:
“if they take away all the fields, it will only be Blo”.

The vision sets out what the people of Blofield wish their parish to be like in 2036. It shapes the objectives, policies and projects set out in the Neighbourhood Plan. This was confirmed by subsequent consultation sessions with residents. There was particular interest in responding to the proposed development in the parish whilst retaining the rural character of Blofield and Blofield Heath.

The Neighbourhood Plan vision is set out below.

NP round rightThe nature and character of our rural village will be preserved and retained, in order to meet the various needs of residents, contribute to a high quality of life and provide opportunity and choice.

This will be achieved in ways that make effective use of natural resources, enhance the environment, promote social inclusion and supports the local economy.


Early on in the process, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group established a set of aims for the Plan, as outlined below.

By undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan, the community of Blofield aims to:

a. Respond to the planned housing growth in the parish and ensure the provision of adequate community infrastructure, by
i. Identifying need.
ii. Protecting the existing rural and village environments.
iii. Developing policies on the spending of developer contributions (Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy) and other funds.

b. Influence any future development in the parish with evidence based on our understanding of the needs and aspirations of the local community.

c. Consider sustainable development within the development boundary.


To reflect the results of the community engagement during preparation of the Plan, the objectives are separated into six themes – Housing and the Built Environment, Environment, Community, Economy, Services, Transport and Connectivity.  The objectives are set out below.

Objective 1: To provide sufficient and appropriate high quality housing, in small-scale developments, to meet local needs, within a balanced housing market.
Objective 2: To provide mixed-use development that complements the character and heritage of the rural villages of Blofield and Blofield Heath.

ENVIRONMENT objectives
Objective 3: To protect and enhance the countryside, including wildlife habitats and open spaces.
Objective 4: To create cleaner, safer and greener neighbourhoods and maintain pleasant public spaces.

COMMUNITY objective
Objective 5: To provide opportunities for cultural, leisure, community, sport and other activities, fostering social interaction and good life chances for all in Blofield parish.

ECONOMY objectives
Objective 6: To encourage and support local businesses, in order to retain them within the parish.
Objective 7: To retain and enhance the village centres of Blofield and Blofield Heath.

SERVICES objectives
Objective 8: To ensure sufficient school places and facilities to meet the needs of the local community.
Objective 9: To ensure sufficient primary health care provision to meet the needs of the community.

Objective 10: To achieve the best possible road infrastructure for the parish.
Objective 11: To improve car parking, public transport and traffic management, enabling better travel within Blofield and between communities.
Objective 12: To create facilities to encourage safe local walking and cycling, between and within Blofield and Blofield Heath.



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