Referendum got a YES vote!

P1060885Blofield was successful at the Neighbourhood Plan referendum with a 91% vote in favour of the plan.  Thank you all.

The next stage is for Broadland Council to take the plan to full Council when it meets Tuesday 26th July and recommend that the plan is ‘made’. Once this stage is achieved then they can officially send out confirmation that the plan has become adopted.  Watch this space.

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REFERENDUM: 21st July 2016

‘Do you want Broadland District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Blofield to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’  Vote yes or no on 21st July 2016.  

Read the final Neighbourhood Plan here and the summary here.

More information about the Neighbourhood Plan, the supporting documents and the referendum is found on the Broadland Council website.

Referendum poster2

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We’ve passed examination!

The Steering Group are pleased to let you know that the Blofield parish Neighbourhood Plan has passed examination with minor amendments.  The examiner stated that, ‘this is a good example of a clear focussed document that can be the basis for decision making in the next 15 years’.  To read the full report, click here.

Next, we are preparing for the referendum, which is likely to happen toward the end of July.  Watch this space.

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Examination underway

NPThe Blofield parish Neighbourhood Plan is currently being examined by John Slater BA(Hons) DMS MRTPI, an independent planning examiner.  This will take a few weeks.

The result of the examination will be a report, issued by the independent examiner, which will have on of the following recommendations: proceed to referendum, proceed subject to certain amendments, or that the proposed Neighbourhood Plan should be refused.  Watch this space.

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Broadland Council consult on the Neighbourhood Plan

broadland-district-councilBroadland District Council is undertaking a period of consultation on the proposed Blofield Neighbourhood Development Plan. This consultation is for a period of six weeks and closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 6th April 2016.

Anyone can make comments on the proposed Plan.  Visit the Broadland Council’s Consultation Portal.  All documents can be viewed their website here.

After this consultation the draft plan will go to an independent planning examiner.

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The Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted

NP roundThe Blofield parish Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents have been submitted to Broadland Council to go to their January 2016 Cabinet meeting and, all being well, on to examination.

To view the submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan and all the supporting documents, following the links below:

A log of amendments can be found here.

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Considering comments


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like to say thank you to 49 residents who commented on the  draft Neighbourhood Plan.  We have also had comments from Broadland Council, the Broads Authority, National Grid, Historic England, Norfolk County Council, Open Reach, Hemblington Parish Council, Natural England and the Environment Agency.

All comments are currently being considered.  Amendments are being made to the Neighbourhood Plan for submission to Broadland Council and examination.

There will be a list of amendments here shortly.

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